Hogbeza is a historic festival of the Ewe of Yoto celebrated every third Saturday of the month of August every year as a religious feast, when the first fruits of the farms are offered.

Epe-Ekpe (historic festival of Guins). It’s one of the most important ceremonies of all West Africa. The Guins migrated from Ghana in the 17th century. It is the occasion of the ‘taking of the sacred stone’ known as Kpessosso, which is the central point around which other manifestations turn. There are no fixed date but generally it is celebrated in the month September of each year and sometimes in August for Glidji Kpodji.

The festival of initiation in Tamberma land takes place every 4 years. It is a test through flogging the beneficiary in order to prepare him for war and to face adversities in life.

This festival of harvest is a celebration of a new year in Bassar and Konkomba land. People offer sacrifices of thanksgiving (first fruits) to the Gods and to the spirits of the ancestors as sign of gratitude. It is celebrated on 1st Saturday of September every year.

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